Education, Training & Services

Mission Statement

Sun’aq Tribe’s services are meant to provide Alaska Natives and American Indians an opportunity to increase self-sufficiency by culturally supporting an individual in obtaining employment and training related goals for the purpose of reducing joblessness in Indian communities.

Higher Education

Sun’aq Higher Education scholarships are available to Sun’aq Tribal Citizens only and are for the purpose of obtaining an Associates or Bachelor’s Degree. Financial need determines eligibility. All training facilities that individuals are requesting scholarships for must be from an accredited institution.

Job Placement & Training

Job placement and training services are available based on financial need to any Alaska Native or American Indian living within the Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak’s service area. These services are to be used to increase earning capacity through obtaining certification or credentials in a vocational program of instruction.

Career Development

Any Alaska Native or American Indian living within Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak’s service area may apply for financial assistance in completing required classes for keeping credentials current, or increasing job skills in a current employment situation. The purpose of this opportunity is to keep those individuals retain their current employment and remain competitive in the workplace.

Johnson O’Malley

Alaska Natives and American Indians age 3-21 and living within the Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak’s service area may utilize Johnson O’Malley funding for a variety of education, cultural, or life skills enhancement. Eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis through an intake process.

Community Service Block Grant

These once-per-year grants are based on need using the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Income, family size, and the ability to meet essential living needs are factors used in determining eligibility.

Welfare Assistance

Under Welfare Assistance, there are two services offered:

  1.  General Assistance is a cash assistance program based on a variety of eligibility criteria. An individual or family must be ineligible for TANF, Social Security, Adult Public Assistance or any other comparable form of relief. Individuals seeking employment, in training, or who are underemployed may apply for services. Financial relief is determined by a variety of cost-of-living factors and income information
  2. Burial Assistance is for Tribal Citizens who have recently passed on and must be able to demonstrate that there is a lack of resources available to assist with burial expenses. A family member may apply on behalf of the deceased.
Child Care

PASS III (Parents Achieving Self Sufficiency) Child Care subsidies are for families who meet eligibility requirements. A variety of criteria are used to determine of these funds are meant to assist your family. Sun’aq Tribal Citizens may apply if they are currently engaged in employment, training, or job training and are not eligible for PASS I or PASS II funds. Gross income before taxes is used to determine a parent’s eligibility and parent co-pay. PASS III funds are limited to children under the age of 13, or up to the age of 19 if your child has a developmental disability.