Invasive Crayfish Project Update – March 14, 2017

Approximately one mile of stream was surveyed each week of the 2016 field season. The Invasive Species crew sampled 378 signal (Pacifastacus leniusculus) and 3 red swamp (Procambarus clarkii) crayfish. Total length and carapace length measurements were taken for each specimen, along with sex, species and GPS coordinates.

The three red swamp crayfish were found dead within the Buskin River main channel on June 17, July 11 and July 12. No live red swamp crayfish specimens were captured.

The general public has been trapping, snorkeling and scuba diving for crayfish in Buskin Watershed for sport and subsistence purposes and with great success. The crew coordinated with several members of the public, who agreed to let them sample any crayfish they caught before consumption occurred.

The crew worked closely with Kodiak Soil and Water Conservation District this year, aiding them with their trapping efforts within the Buskin Watershed. During the 2016 field season, 44 signal crayfish were captured using minnow traps.

Juvenile crayfish captured during electrofishing at Buskin Lake.

Electrofishing occurred at the Buskin Lake outlet and southeast region of Buskin Lake on August 13-14, 2016. Electrofishing proved to be an efficient method, with capture of 169 crayfish (ranging from 0.4 inch juvenile crayfish to 5-6 inch adult crayfish).

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