Tribal Youth Internships


Update 1/22/18: We are hiring a Tribal Youth Fisheries Intern and Tribal Youth Wildlife Intern for the upcoming 2018 field season. Please see the job descriptions and internship poster below for information on how to apply.

Tribal Youth Fisheries Intern Job Description

Tribal Youth Wildlife Intern Job Description

2018 Summer Internship Poster



In 2016, Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak (STK) Natural Resources Department received funding from Bureau of Indian Affairs Tribal Youth Initiative Program to engage three Tribal youth in natural resources management through fieldwork and data collection on Kodiak Archipelago.

In 2017, STK hired three Tribal youth for the following internships: Fisheries Intern, Natural Resources Intern, and Wildlife Intern. To teach youth about the interdisciplinary approach to natural resource management, STK partnered with Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program, Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association, Kodiak Soil and Water Conservation District, and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge.

The three interns spent the summer assisting staff with the following project activities: salmon hatchery management; salmon fisheries monitoring; invasive species control; subsistence food toxin testing and monitoring; marine and wildlife species monitoring; environmental education; Alutiiq culture and subsistence activities, and water temperature monitoring.

Here is what the 2017 Tribal youth said about their internships:

“Prior to this summer I knew almost nothing about fisheries management. Over the course of this internship I learned how to work in fisheries research and monitoring, how hatcheries operate, and how to work with invasive species. Overall, I gained experience that I believe will be of great use for my future.”
-Brandon Mahle, Fisheries Intern

“As the Natural Resources Intern at the Sun’aq Tribe, I was given many opportunities to learn about our natural resources and how we manage them here on Kodiak Island. I learned quite a few things about management and what is vital to maintaining our wildlife, plants, and their habitats. I got to experience so much more of my home this summer, and learned more than I could ever fit into a short summary.”
-Mandi Cox, Natural Resources Intern

“This summer I spent twelve weeks working as the Wildlife Intern for the Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak, Alaska. The big part of the project that was worked on this summer was the immobilization and collaring of the animals (Kodiak brown bear and Roosevelt elk). I was able to experience the entire immobilization process, from preparing in town, to going on captures in the field, to entering and analyzing data afterwards. This summer was an absolutely amazing experience that I would have never expected to get this early in my career as a wildlife biologist. I am very grateful to have gotten this opportunity this summer.” -Jessica Rich, Wildlife Intern