Housing Advocacy

The Sun’aq Tribal Housing Advocate is here to assist Sun’aq Tribal Members with applying for programs available through Kodiak Island Housing Authority. Programs that the Housing Advocate can assist Sun’aq Tribal Members with include:

  • Life Builders Young Adult Transitional Living Program
  • Student Rental Assistance Program
  • Low Rent Apartments
  • Rental Assistance Program
  • Elderly and/or Disabled Housing
  • Cliffwood / Harborview Apartments
  • Emerald Heights Senior Housing for Seniors 55+
  • Weatherization / Renovation Program
  • Mutual Help Homeownership
  • Mortgage Loan Home Start Homeownership

Please contact our Housing Advocate for more information at the Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak offices at 907 486-4449, or via email.