We are the Sun’aq Tribe of Kodiak, a federally recognized tribal government headquartered in what is now known as Kodiak, Alaska.

We represent 1,700+ Sun’aq citizens who reside on the island of Kodiak, on other islands in the Kodiak Archipelago, elsewhere in Alaska and Hawai’i, in the lower 48 states, and overseas.

We are dedicated to rebuilding our traditional political and cultural institutions and practices. Our tribe strives to build and support Sun’aq Tribal unity, cultural identity, and lifeways.

Our Subsistence Lifestyle

We are one of 10 Alutiiq tribes that lived in large coastal villages along the shores of the Alaska Peninsula, the Kenai Peninsula, and the Kodiak Archipelago 7,500 to 8,000 years ago. Our people settled permanently where the city of Kodiak is now located about 2,500 years ago and interacted regularly with other tribes throughout the archipelago.

Our ancestors followed an elaborate maritime subsistence lifestyle of hunting, fishing, and gathering throughout the year. Subsistence has special meaning for Alaska Natives and refers to a way of living that emphasizes the importance of respecting the land and its resources, as well as acknowledging a connection to the natural world.

Our people today blend the traditional lifeways of our ancestors with the customs and practices of the many nations who have come to our island and stayed to become a part of our community. These include Russians, Scandinavians, Chinese, Filipinos, other Pacific Islanders, and Americans.

Some Sun’aq practice subsistence for spiritual and cultural reasons; other tribal members rely on our island’s resources for material well-being. Many tribal members fish independently or work for the local canneries, while still practicing a subsistence lifestyle.

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  1. Julie Matweyou said:

    I am with the Alaska Sea Grant Marine Advisory Program. I work in the Kodiak community in a variety of ways to support marine literacy, marine safety, environmental conservation and economic development. I would like to be included on your archipelago environment and subsistence email list serve. Thank you.

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